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How To Maintain Your Jewelry

Everyone loves new jewelry, whether you receive it as a gift or you buy it for yourself. Of course, It's heartbreaking to get your beloved jewelry torn or ruined.  Luckily, You have us. We'll help you by suggesting various simple hacks, tips, and tricks to maintain your jewelry and keeping them new as long as possible.

We would like to start with a basic tip which is:

Storing Your Jewelry Safely

Sure there are ways to fix broken earrings and other jewelry, but still, you should take preventative measures to avoid your favorite pieces break in the first place. Always make a proper place to store your jewelry.

This can help you with not losing your jewelry pieces and will prevent them from any random damages too. Whether it's a charm bracelet made of plastic, DIY earrings or your favorite crystal necklace from oflara, they all deserve to be kept in a cool and dry place.

Keep your jewelry pieces separately to prevent them from tangling and scratching. Always try to put them in separate boxes to avoid both of the situations.
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Carry a Travel Case

Taking care of jewelry at home is an easy task, manage them while on a go is a real hard task. If you are going on a trip do not dump them in your bag, suitcase or anything. Make sure to carry a travel bag or pouch to keep them safe.

There are various products on the market to carry your jewelry like sectioned cases in which you can store your rings, bracelets, and earrings in separately. We recommend you to use high-level protection for your expensive jewelry while on a trip or something.

Clean Your Jewelry

Since you have a variety of pieces and every jewelry made up of different materials we would suggest some general tips to clean any kind of jewelry.

Soapy warm water is best to clean your jewelry. For that, you should apply it with a soft non-metal brush. Most commonly used soft bristle toothbrush can be used as an alternative but you have to be sure to not use that brush anywhere else as the last thing you would like to do is transferring harmful chemicals onto your jewelry.

For cleaning gold or silver plated jewelry, there are a few simple DIY mixes you can use to preserve their shine.

For dull and discolored silver:

  • Apply warm soapy water and rinse it with a soft cloth
  • Dip in cold water for few seconds
  • Let it dry

Gold chains can easily rust so they require a little extra care. A trick for that is to You can use baking soda and soapy water to restore it to its glowing glory.

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In this online world, you can find any kind of hacks for any kind of jewelry to preserve their bling.

Maintaining your jewelry may sound like a huge task but once you get used to of keeping the order of proper storage and cleaning then it's not as tough as it seems.

Jewelry is precious and to keep them that way we must do some efforts to prevent them from damage and to preserve their shine of course. We are providing 50% off on all products to avail new offers on your first purchase.

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