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11 Gifts for Thanksgiving Hosts (Who love jewelry).

11 Gifts for Thanksgiving hosts (Who love jewelry). 

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You may be busy returning your Halloween costumes. But once you’re done with that. You got another question What to give for Thanksgiving? To answer, & “Holiday planning” coming up. Which also includes preparing thank you gesture for your hosts or anyone you want to say thanks to. 

When Pinterest launched his holiday gifting trends, we decided to get inspired and feed you with a list beforehand so that you can fill empty spots in your shopping list.
Scroll down for the sake of your Thanksgiving host. The upcoming hard work they are going to do for you. They deserve to have some sparkle right.
This is a spin-off to usual boring gifts. So that you can replace them with more better options. Here is the list of the 11 gifts for thanksgiving host (who love jewelry).   

Wine Vs wine color gifts

What to take to Thanksgiving dinner? Usually ends up with a wine bottle wrapped up in something pretty. No one can deny the fact that people do love wine and known to be a global gift idol.

To make your gift more interesting, you can gift something similar in jewelry, which they will surely be going to love more than just a wine bottle.

1. Red Crystal Necklace  

    This necklace is from our valentine range, but whenever we look at it, the color makes us dizzy (pun intended). It consists of a sterling silver chain, and a sweet ribbon bow made up of the same component. This may be the loveliest option in the list.


    <img src="Red Crystal Necklace.png" alt="Red crystal necklace with a silver bow and silver plated chain. Length: 17.71 inches"> Red Crystal Necklace ($8.99)


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    2. Inverted Tear Drop Crystal Earrings 

    This invertible wine colored earrings would be more of a smart choice as a gift for dinner host you can see. These are invertible, small, compact and useful. They can wear them to work, or just at home and definitely will last longer than a bottle of wine. 


    <img src="Inverted Tear Drop Crystal Earrings.png" alt="wine colored stud earrings in tear drop shape Length: 0.51 inches Width: 0.51 inches">

            Inverted Tear Drop Crystal Earrings ($8.99)   

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    Flowers Vs Florals

    Another classic answer for ‘what to take to Thanksgiving dinner’ is flowers. They are known to be the safest & easiest option you can choose as a gift. But they are also the first presents to worn out. So to replace them without avoiding the same elegance and sweetness you can go with flower shaped jewelry.


      Credits: Cities in Dust 

    3. Plochrome Crystal Flower Necklace 

    This is a myth that florals can’t be minimalist, among many examples this is the one we got. This polychrome flower pendant is vibrant yet subtle enough to be worn at formal events. If your host is someone who is used of attending those, then this could be an asset for them to receive. Indeed an ideal gift for the hostess. 


    <img src="Polychrome necklace pendant.png" alt="Pendnat on a flower shape petals in colored crystals red, blue, clear and silver">

    Plochrome Crystal Flower Necklace ($9.99)


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    4.  Flower Crystal Necklace Made with Austrian Crystals 

    White flowers are associated with purity and innocence, and this pendant has them both. It is also a practical gift option as winter is coming and so is snow. It will match the theme and your gratitude simply.


      <img src="white flower necklace.png" alt="flower pendant in white and a crystal in the middle">

       Flower Crystal Necklace-white ($14.99)

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      5. Flower Crystal Necklace Made with Austrian Crystals

      This is the purple version of the flower siblings. It is more into the vibrant side. It is a warm, blingy and elegant gift to give. The length is long enough to be seen with sweaters, so is the color.


      <img src="purple flower pendant.png" alt="purple flower necklace for thanksgiving">

      Flower Crystal Necklace- purple ($14.99)

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      6. Pearl Flower Drop Crystal Jewelry Set 

        If the host is someone who likes simpler designs more, then a rose-gold plated rose pearl pendant will surely warm up their heart for you a little bit more. If the host is your mother this year then what could be the best jewelry gifts for mother under $50.

        <img src="Pearl Flower Drop Crystal Jewelry Set.png" alt="jewelry set for thanksgiving">

        Pearl Flower Drop Crystal Necklace and Earrings Set ($17.99)

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        Heart vs Hearts

                     Giving someone your heart is kind of hypothetical. Heart shaped jewelry has always been a symbol of good relationships, be it with your parents, wife, friends or with anyone. Recently Lara Jean( a character of the novel/movie to all the boys I’ve loved) wore a heart charm necklace who clearly stole the attention of many teenagers. Also, heart lockets are already in trend, be it earrings, necklaces or charms they are everywhere in the scene and probably get bigger in winters. They got that vintage vibe which every diva may need this winter.



        7. Crystal Love Heart Crystal Necklace

        This one is slightly bigger than the tradition locket size pendants, and surely with a different feel and approach. The combination of blue and silver is somewhat chic. Totally worth having especially as a gift.


        <img src="Blue heart necklace" alt="Navy blue colored crystal in heart shape with silver embellishments ">

        Crystal Love Heart Necklace ($18.00)

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        8. Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace

        It would be appropriate to give a perfect heart pendant to your wife or lover if they are the host this year, which you never got a chance to give it to them. If “WHAT A WOMAN WANTS IN A GIFT?” is still a mystery to you. Then now is the time to revive that portion.


        <img src="heart pendant.png" alt="crystal heart pendant with golden rims ">

        Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace ($10.50)

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        9. Titatic Heart Shaped Crystal Necklace with Crystal Earrings

        This is a complete set including a necklace with matching earrings. The tinted green is perfect for this occasion.


        <img src="heart jewelry set.png" alt="green pendant in heart shape with matching earrings">

        Titatic Heart Shaped Jewelry Set ($19.99)

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        10. Blue Sweetheart Adjustable Crystal Bracelet

        Among them, all this is the first and last charm bracelet of the list. Astonishing little hearts are floating in the wrist of the person who prepared food for you from that hands only. How meaningful right?


          <img src="heart charm bracelet" alt="charm bracelet with floating blue hearts">

          Blue Sweetheart Adjustable Crystal Heart Bracelet ($22.99)

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          You know they will love that anyways

          If you are close with the host you want to give a gift to, then you must be aware of their major likings, as in what are their absolute favorite colors, prints, or they are obsessed with in terms of fashion. If you want to give the best thanksgiving gifts You can choose the jewelry similar to that portion.


          <img src="bunny pendant and earrings.png" alt="blue bunny jewelry set">

          Buny Crystal Necklace and Earring Set ($19.99)

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          Why not read Best Jewelry Gifts for friends under $20


          You got the brief idea about how to give back to your host for all their sweat and love they are going to give to you this Thanksgiving.

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          What is that favorite gift you ever got? Comment below, I am really curious.


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