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Best 27 Christmas Presents 2018 (for those who love jewelry)

 If you are confused about what to get for your sister, mother, wife, and girlfriend in Christmas this year, then my friend you are not alone. Even whom to vote is easier than the gift selection.


By the blessing of social media, they keep us all well updated with what's going on and who received what.

Trust me the ladies will not like it if their gift won’t be as special as they expected it to be. It's not about the price, it's about the usability, personalization, and thoughtfulness behind that.


What could be more meaningful and usable than a piece of jewelry wrapped in the glittery package? I mean you know ladies change their jewelry like clothes. Duh! (no pun intended*).

The holiday season is supposed to be full of lights and so should your gifts. Every girl/women love to receive jewelry, especially when they are in trend. So here is our guide on holiday gifts in 2018. For those receivers who love jewelry.


1. Icy sterling silver plated Snowflake Stud Earrings. Well, how can Christmas be complete without this little incarnation of nature’s wonder? A legit winter gift indeed. 

Snowflake Stud Earrings ($6.99)

2. We all have that one person who just loves extra element on their outfit, so if you know someone like that then they will love this Rose Gold Tassel Hoops.

    Chain Tassel Hoop Earrings ($14.99)
    3. Who can ever get over hoops, Ladies just seem to never get enough of hoops ever. They are even available in every perfect shape and size possible. So here we are losing our heart stunning these extra special Thick Medium Hoop earrings in gold plating.

      Thick Medium Sized Hoop Earrings ($6.99)
      4. All those people who love colors and make our life a little more vibrant, deserve something as playful as their personality. These Circular Rainbow Hoops are for those only. You also know this will make them the happiest. 

      Circular Rainbow Hoops ($19.99)
      5. There can never be enough studs for our piercings. They are the life of the party. These Legion Pin Stud Earrings sure have that in them to make it to the stud box of your favorite friend.

        Legion Stud Earrings ($9.99)
        6. These dainty looking Bronze Crystal Drop Dangle Earrings are a special gift of the Christmas for those who don’t mind golden shine. Their goldy presence demand for this kind of halo around the face.
        Stone Drop Earrings ($22.50)
        7. Is Christmas is even called Christmas without red? I don’t think so. Neither do your loved one who loves red too. This Red Crystal Necklace will make them blush and happy at the same time.

          Red Crystal Necklace ($19.99)
          8. Green trees, green decorations, green outfit but still something is missing. Oh isn’t this Green Pear Crystal Pendant is that thing? Green will always be compatible with bright red Christmas outfits of her.

            Pear Pendant Necklace ($23.99)
            9. White gift the mortal flowers when you can gift the immortal Plochrome Crystal Pendant in place of flowers as a Christmas present. At least this will be permanent for them.

            Pear Pendant Necklace ($22.50)

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            10. These Black Butterfly Stud Earrings are those staple item which will help your piercings to relax and rock at the same time. Gift them, girls, the ready to go earrings as small Christmas presents.

            Crystal Butterfly Earrings ($10.00)

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            11. To make a heart flutter you will need two hearts to convey your love. One will be yours and other will be our beatless “Crystal Heart Pendant in Blue”. 
            Blue Crystal Heart Pendant ($23.99)
            12. Sterling silver Heart Stud Earrings, which could be the next thing they will love apart from you. Could be a competitive competition. 
            Silver Heart Stud Earrings ($5.00)

            13. In case you don’t know the size of their finger, you still can offer them a ring without even bothering to ask them. This Circle Ring Crystal Pendant will be the best promising ring anyone could ever get for their beloveds.

            Crystal Circle Pendant ($22.50)



            14. Lunar Silver Bracelet is a scene stealer. The aura and design are just as much expensive as much it actually isn’t. Best affordable Christmas jewelry gift indeed.

            Lunar Crystal Pendant ($9.99)


            15. If you were looking for a tiny and cute Christmas present for her? Then this Tiny Dot Pendant is exactly that and more. The floating element is the great part about these and don’t you get me started on the shine this throw.

            Tiny Dot Necklace ($15.00)
            16. How can a confession of love towards anyone be possible without the hearts? This here is a Blue Floating Heart Bracelet, with an adjustable lock.

            Floating Blue Hearts Bracelet ($22.50)


            17. Ever thought about how deep her cheeks will blush when you will surprise her with this Enchanted Rose Pink Drop Pendant. I guess maybe deeper than the pink this pretty piece have here.

            Rose Pink Crystal Necklace ($20.00)



            18. Blue is the color of winter and the night sky. This one here has a charming crystal effect which is more dreamy than ever. A Blue Round Stone Bracelet is the gift you will need to impress any lady this Christmas.

            Blue Crystal Bracelet ($22.50)
            19. A simple Heart Crystal Pendant can be more useful to convey these complicated feelings of yours than that of all the confusing gifts out there. To express your love, my friend, you need an elegant heart like a Christmas present.

            Heart Crystal Pendant ($14.99)

            20. A Christmas Charm Bracelet is something no one will deny to receive. It has a magnet lock so that size won’t matter. As we know how awkward asking for a wrist size could be.

            Daisy & Crystal Charm Bracelet ($9.99)


            21. Typical flowers die out the next day, so to stand out from the crowd you need a different kind of flower. This White Sunflower Pendant will stay forever with her just like your love for her.

            White Sunflower Pendant Necklace

            White Sunflower Pendant  ($14.99)
            22. The more the merrier, be it bracelets or the gifts. This is a Four Piece Layered Bracelet Set, allows you to remain creative and keep up with the layered trend.

            Four Piece Layered Bracelet  ($14.99)


            23. If you were looking for a tiny yet elegant gift for your minimalist lover Friend. Then we found this Tiny White Flower Necklace for you to give her as a Christmas gift. What is more perfect than a gift of flower? Jewelry is just an icing on top.

            Tiny White Flower Pendant  ($14.99)


            24. For all the free-spirited young ones out there. I know they will love it when you will give them this Flying Birds Layered Necklace. As cute, beautiful and bright like their future and smile. BTW layered necklaces are in a hot trend, just in case you didn’t know?

            Flying Birds Three Layered Necklace  ($14.99)
            25. Do you know why we named this Duchess Crystal Drop Pendant? Because we knew it will look great on all the self-sufficient queens like you. This year give yourself a holiday present. For the sake of self-love.
            Duchess Crystal Drop Necklace ($15.00)

            26. This one is made up of much love and elegance of purple crystal. This Purple Teardrop Crystal Necklace and Earring Set possess the charm to make any lady fall in love.

            Purple Tear Drop Crystal Jewelry Set ($40.99)


            27. Were you waiting for a unique Christmas gift option to be added to this list? Congo! The wait is over. This Bunny Crystal Necklace and Earring Set are here to fulfill their duty of making the receiver of this gift smile wider than ever.

            Bunny Crystal Jewelry Set ($40.99)
            In case you didn't find the things looking for here, you can check out the full collection and select the ones you think will suit them the best. Just a lovely reminder that you can get much more in 50% OFF sitewide Just for Christmas. Click Here to see more. 

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