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How to Clean Crystal Jewelry

We maintain our hairs, nails, clothes, shoes. Because they are essential parts of our appearance. We clean them all but with different methods as each one of them needs different kind of care.

Just like that our jewelry also need a proper kind of cleaning method but

Why should we clean our jewelry?

  1. 1. With time dust can settle on your crystal jewelry and can dull it’s shine.
  2. 2. To keep it away from scratches.
  3. 3. To remove tough or light stains.
  4. 4. To keep metal chains and prongs away from rusting.
  5. 5. Last but not the least to take good care of it.

Crystals are delicate and made up from different substance and process. That means they also got some limitations when it comes to clean them.

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Things you should not do while cleaning crystal jewelry

  1. 1. Do not use harsh detergents.
  2. 2. Do not use high temperature water for cleaning.
  3. 3. Do not rub your jewelry with cleanser or hard cloth.
  4. 4. Do not clean them unnecessarily.

After limitations you must be wondering about the actual process or tips. We got tips ready as well.

Tips to clean your crystal jewelry

  1. 1. Use baby wipes to remove dust and stains from your crystals.
  2. 2. Clean it with warm water using a soft cloth or cotton.
  3. 3. Apply soft detergent with the help of cotton and rinse it with water.
  4. 4. Use non- gel toothpaste gently, as toothpastes are useful to clean metal parts too.
  5. 5. Always dry your jewelry after cleaning before storing it safely.
  6. 6. You can use paintbrush to dust off the crystals.

Now that you know the reason, rules and tips of cleaning your jewelry, you can take good care of them without any doubt. You can buy new ones or if you don’t have one yet then you can buy one on Oflara. We got variety of product and range to match your style. We love to take good care of our customers. As you are as precious for us just like a piece of jewelry.

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