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Is Crystal Jewelry Durable?

Everyone cherish crystal jewelries as their proud possessions. They accompany us to many occasions and give us a beautiful bling. Gifted or not we definitely not want to lose them in any possible way. It’s been said to take extra care of them as crystal jewelries are delicate, beautiful and elegant pieces of art.

But that doesn’t mean they are not going to live forever, crystals themselves are natural and can shine forever if we keep them with care but

How should we take care of our crystals?

1. Always clean your jewelry
Whether you wear it every day or just for one time occasion, no matter what cleaning is must to maintain its shine. Every time you wear it off, clean your piece of jewelry with a moist cotton sloth or soft fabric and let it dry before storing.
Jewelry Wear: Do's and Don'ts

2. Keep your crystal out of water flow.
Do not wear crystals during bath, swimming, rain parties or any water involving activities. Water does affect jewelry a bit but there is more to it.

Crystal’s shine depends on its cuts and edges, but dirt present in pools, soap chemicals in bathtub can react to the altering metal, constant rate of water flow, dust settling affect those edges and ultimately steal their shine.

3. Store them properly.
Crystal jewelry is known for their delicate design and beauty. So one must handle them with care. You must cover them in a soft cloth before storing them in a box to protect them from scratches, even if you don’t have boxes then make sections in your drawer, it will be easier to find them and prevent them from getting tangled.

4. Always wear them after applying your beauty products.
It’s easy to apply lotion and cream without any jewelry on. Basically oils present in our makeup can rest on our facet and prevent them for giving their best. Perfumes and hairsprays have chemicals in them so ultimately they are not good for the health of our crystal jewelry as they react with the metal chains and linings. So always wear them as your last and main touch.

5. Do not wear them all the time
It’s ok to wear your favorite crystal item every day, but you need to be cautious about the few particular moments of the day like working out, sleeping, bathing as you know you wouldn’t like your loved pieces or any pieces to be broken by a simple activity. So do remove them before doing these activities.

These are the few basic steps which should be taken to make your crystal jewelry more durable and lasting. Crystal jewelries are forever charms but they just need a little bit of support from you to keep their shine evergreen. Just like Oflara jewelry it remains the same if kept with care and love. But if you don’t wear jewelry often because you don’t know how to wear it properly then check out

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