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What are the not so basic jewelry for girls

What are the not so basic jewelry for girls.

As a teenager, you must be having fun exploring new things. You must be giving many thoughts to the things once never mattered that much. Like now maybe you plan your outfit a day before.

I guess now is the time where you must discover how a jewelry can reflect your style and make everything look complete.

I don’t know about you but when I was a teen I was really scared to try daring jewelry even though I loved it. I struggled to judge what could be not too much and not too less either. Like what jewelry could be perfect for me as a college or high school girl.

If you are trying to find perfect graduation gift for your daughter than it could be a helpful “jewelry for girls” guide for you.

You, my friends, are lucky to have me to suggest those perfect jewelry options for you. Which you can use in your daily #ootd. Here is the list of most flexible jewelry to start your own jewelry box with.
Let’s check them out

1. Small non metallic studs

The first partner of the ear after the piercing is stud earrings indeed. I believe that every girl must be having at least 2 or more pairs of studs with them. They are that little non-living lovely creatures who just add the tiny amount of bling and light up our glow. They come in every shape and sizes possible, you can go as creative as you want with them. What can be more perfect than an easy to carry, lightweight, and compact size jewelry?

2. Vibrant popping Pendants/Necklaces

I just love the versatility of pendants, they give so much variety and freedom to the person to style them in the way they want to look like. For example metal for cool & rock, flowers, heart, initials for cute, old gold gems for vintage and vibrant crystals for sexy and dressed up theme. They just go on never stops increasing. Pendants help you define your style and personality. And teenage really the best time to do experiments for yourself. Getting pendants necklaces for daughter could be a great start to help her explore more.

3. Non-thread based bracelets, cuffs, bangles

Charms are not just friendship items anymore, they became much more than that. Do they own customization, initials, sunshine and what not? Bracelets could be funky too, but elegant minimal bracelets are more appealing for me. The forever trend layered bracelet is good to just throw a chunk of bracelets in one hand. If someone will say that it is the college girl symbol and I’ll believe them right away.

4. Short Dangle Earrings

You must have seen girls wearing heavy earrings, you must be thinking how painful they could be, but believe me, That’s not the case always. It all depends on what brand and the material they got. I like it when my earrings touch my shoulders as I move around but that would be too much when you got a class to attend, so the shorter version of them are medium size drop earrings for girls they also move and bling like some sunshine around your face. Who needs a halo anymore?

5. Longer than life Layered Necklaces

I have discussed them in a bigger way in my another blog, but it would be unfair if I won’t mention them here when they are shooting the world with their sexy look. They just highlight our collarbone, neck, suntan and give us the shine we deserve. They are like those sibling best friends who always cheer us up. You can find them as body jewelry, in layers, stranded, attached or non attached… you can even create your own version of the layered necklace by combining some pieces from your own collection.

6. Matching Jewelry Sets

It won’t be bad if you can have an already matching elegant jewelry set in your closet somewhere, stored for some special occasion. I agree that the silver crystal necklace with matching earrings will look so good with that red dress on prom but apart from that, you can wear them separately in different all year parties. Point is investing on a set could be beneficial when you don’t want to spend thrice, because who are we fooling teenage is the mother of being broke.

7. Statement Jewelry

Don’t lie, I know you are obsessed with that expensive bold piece of necklace you bought recently and you know it will throw fire once you will go carrying that in the hallway. If you don’t have one yet then you are missing that glam part about jewelry. The statement piece is those big and unique pieces of jewelry who outshine the basics if worn with care. They can make any simple outfit look expensive.

I wish you will feel free to try on some jewelry next time you go shopping. Don’t get afraid to try what you like. Involve more earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in your closet. Experiment what you have now, it will help you understand what you want to own next. Keep shining.

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