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What Jewelry to wear for your Job Interview

What Jewelry to wear for your Job Interview

A job interview is like a chance to impress interviewer face to face with your confidence and smartness. Also to make a right impression, you must know how to choose your attire because that is what going to represent your etiquette and personality. You choose your apparels according to the kind of job you going to get interviewed for. So you must choose your jewelry and accessories like that too. First I would like to talk about what two basics about formal jewelry,

Keep it simple

You want to get the attention to your face to make them listen to what you are saying, so not wear too much of jewelry to lose that. It is the first rule of Professional dressing to keep it low yet elegant. Don't focus on looking stylish or trendy unless your field demands that. This blue crystal necklace here is simple yet marks its presence.

Quality Jewelry

Focus on wearing quality product they always stand out, a branded watch will work just fine. Just like they say quality over quantity. Jewelry can improve your appearance and can make it much more powerful and also a great confidence booster. I guess now I would like to recommend what kind jewelry you should wear for your interview.

1. Simple and elegant earrings
Earrings work great to showcase your face and feature but if they will be too dangly then it would steal the attention from your face. So you should keep it simple, like normal studs or basic earrings with silver will look great.

2. Basic one bracelet rule
Always keep in mind to wear either one cuff or one bracelet at a time for a formal look. Stacking them maybe in fashion but it will surely distract the interviewer. You can try something like one single line bracelet without embellishments or maybe a basic silver watch.

3. A classic but simple necklace
The necklace also works great with office wear if you are going to wear a collared shirt then you can try a simple chained necklace with only one drop or one color to look sophisticated. If it is dress then also you can try to do the same. Pearls and clear crystals go great with office looks and formal colors.

That's it. Lastly, I would like to boost you up by saying Job Interviews are all about going in and getting the spot by defeating all the other candidates. But the question is how to do that, of course, you got confidence and merit just like every other person candidate. The thing which makes you different is your personality. So you should keep in mind to not do the mistakes which others may have done. I hope this will help you to crack your coming interview.

Good luck.
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