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Right Way to Mix and Match Jewelry

Jewelry is something we all adore and love to play with. Mix and match is just an amazing way of experimenting with your jewelry to keep up with fashion trends. If chosen wisely they can indeed create a statement on their own.

Having said that mix and match is not too obvious when it comes to crystal jewelry, as every crystal has its own cut, design, and most importantly a color. Every colored crystal reflects other colors in a unique way.

So for that we’ll guide you about how to mix and match different crystal jewelry items in a right way to have a perfect harmony of sparkle and creativity.

Here are some tips to mix and match in a way where one item at a time can be the hero and other items can help it shine more.


A Crystal Necklace

Necklaces are to grab attention to your face and it depends on cuts that how you actually wear it as round necklaces complements your face cut whereas elongated necklace with a drop helps your neck look long and creates an illusion which makes you look tall.

Keep this in mind before selecting a neck piece for yourself.

Coming back to the point while Wearing a good necklace wear it with small earrings, combine a nice bracelet to go with it to have a full look. This will give the necklace the main focus point and other jewelry will give you the complete look without creating a chaos.

Statement bracelet

If you have a pretty colored crystal bracelet which you always wanted to show off but never got a chance to do so, then now is the time. While making a bracelet the hero of the look keep in mind to avoid wearing exquisite earrings or necklace.

Keep your earring simple and of different material or color to give all attention to your hands. You can wear a ring too, just in case your other hand feeling lonely.

Statement Earrings

The ultimate aim of your earrings is to frame your face, highlight your best features, and illuminate it. The actual best thing earring can do if selected smartly is that they can attenuate your eyes and make them look deeper in color.

I'll suggest combining your best pair of earrings with nice layered, or stack of bracelets to have enough spark on your whole look. Avoid wearing necklaces as they can create a mess of jewelry and will look like too much going on near your face.

Do an appropriate hairdo to enhance the effect of the pair of earrings.

I guess this is enough to make you understand the value of combining jewelry in a right way to get the most of mix and match trend.

Do not hesitate to leave a reply in the comment section, I'll be ever ready to help you with all your doubts.

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