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5 Simple Steps To Find Your Personal Jewelry Style

Jewelry plays a huge role in defining our personality and style, whether you are a hardcore jewelry lover or a minimalist who wear jewelry on rare occasions.

In both the situations, it is essential to know your personal jewelry style to give the right impression of you just by your choice of jewelry.

You can think of it as finding your favorite idol and sticking to it for life because you know they reflect the most of you in general.

Here we share 5 simple steps which will help you to find your personal jewelry style and how to follow it:


Open your wardrobe and pick out your favorite pieces, then take a look and think: which styles are major? It can be Colors, shapes, prints, fabric or silhouettes... what is exactly common in them?

Box shirts with casual jeans or floral print flowy tops etc. Whatever it is you will definitely spot your signature look in seconds.

Since you've found it now you have to decide which jewelry complements it in the right way without overriding it.


It may seem a bit hard at first but once you start doing it you'll find that your daily activities have lot to do with your favorite jewelry items.

Like a business presenter and a person in sales would prefer necklaces and earrings to draw attention to their face.

A Laptop user or bloggers can find rings, bracelets, and bangles more interesting.

What I am saying is that you must invest in the jewelry which not only enhances your best features but also goes well with your daily routine.

Jewelry should make you not only look good but feel good too.

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It could be a ring you got from your mother on your 16th birthday or a special bracelet from your significant other...

The fact is, your favorite jewelry pieces are a clear indicator of what you naturally lean towards, so don’t hesitate to get more of the same type. Remember: staying true to yourself is critical. Always.

Everyone has some current favorites in their jewelry box, It can be your first proposal ring, Bracelet from your father on your birthday or something you bought yourself with your savings.

These pieces are the example of what kind of details in a jewelry instantly take place in your heart. So, don't think much before buying something of the same type.

Never forget that you must wear what you like to wear not what others want you to wear.

STEP 4: Bring out your Favorite colors

Maroon, Violet or Yellow it could be anything. See what are the colors you think looks best on you, which color outfit gained more compliments on you and lastly which is the most occurring color in your closet and why?

You may find a blue colored dress more appealing to you because it makes your hazel eyes look stunning. Whereas green color jewelry makes blue eyes look deeper.

You can do experiment with contrast or go green with green and blue with blue for a subtle look.

Think what suits you best and brings out the best version of you.

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Experimenting with fashion is common and the best way to find your own style. Whenever you buy a new jewelry instead of wearing it the same way try to combine it with other pieces too. Mix and match, Use pop colored jewelry with pastels, Grunge pieces with casuals for a rookie look, Formal jewelry with florals and prints to do not have too much going around. The point is to keep playing with your jewelry till you find the best one to go with on regular basis.

It's not compulsory to stuck with one style for life, Feel free to repeat this process after some time as our personalities changes with time so do our fashion choices.
We glad you came so far and I really hope this will help you.

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