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Jewelry for everyday wear

People say jewelry is a item which should only be worn on special occasions. But if you on this page you will definitely agree with me when i say “you can never go out without a jewelry”.

A jewelry is something which not only completes a look but also enhance it. A sparkle is must be it a day or night a jewelry can always stands you out.

Some say it is not necessary to show off your jewelry daily. But not every jewelry is to show off. We just like wearing it to feel more confident and to feel good about it. Crystal jewelry is a perfect example of quirky yet elegant jewelry items which are ideal to be worn daily.

Today to break the myth we going to suggest some jewelry pieces which can be worn as daily jewelry and will not look like a showoff at all.

1. Crystal Butterfly Earrings

Crystal Butterfly Earrings
Crystal Butterfly Earrings

We all know that earrings are some daily deal. These ones really fulfill the statement. The use of crystal in this piece really makes them not that flashy but gives them a perfect amount of shine too.

The butterfly design is forever, which will never put you off from trend. It comes in two best colors possible which are black and golden. You can get what you please.

The small size qualifies them to be called as studs which are easy to carry anywhere you go.

2. Heart crystal Pendant Necklace

Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace
Heart Crystal Pendant Necklace

This one is a really pretty and romantic piece best to gift your loved ones. By loved ones you can include yourself too. As a short description In this piece a heart shaped white crystal is used with having a touch of gold with it which makes it more convincing and appealing. It’s not too big size makes it perfect to use daily. It is modern, simple yet dazzling enough to add some dazzle to your daily look.

3. Lunar Silver Adjustable Bracelet

Lunar Silver Adjustable Crystal Bracelet
Lunar Silver Adjustable Crystal Bracelet

Now this one is an amazingly chic bracelet everyone must have in their jewel box. The incredible use of small crystals with allow is best to wear any time of the day. It is adjustable so perfect fit is its personal trait. It’s silver color more with neutral stone gives it an edge of reflecting any color you will wear it with.

4. Fizzy Astonishing Multi Layered Crystal Necklace

Fizzy Astonishing Mutilayered Crystal Necklace
Fizzy Astonishing Mutilayered Crystal Necklace

This one is last but certainly not the least item of this list. In day today life everyone must own something which can not only be worn daily but can be their statement piece too. This is a beautiful silver colored double layer necklace. The not so huge but a small size of crystals makes it not too flashy and appropriate for every kind of event. It can be easily mend up with your favorite black outfit or with the your basic office shirt too.

As we completed our small list with some of our versatile jewelry items we would love to know your thought s about this. Feel free to comment below. After reading about casual jewelry If by any chance you feel like you should know more about jewelry and some rules you can refer to our previous article.

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