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Jewelry Rules You Must Know

Jewelry is something we all adore. Isn't it great that how can a small piece made with elegance hold so much power to change a complete look of someone? Jewelry is like words they always send a powerful message.
Statement jewelry shows our confidence, It can transform a simple dress into something unique.

Antique jewelry shows our love for art. How they have history behind them.

Few diamonds attenuate our beauty where few diamonds just complement them.

Most important jewelry of any shape and size do the one thing in common, it shines.... it makes us shine on them too. Jewelry adds sparkle to our outfits.

I said jewelry gives out a message but I forgot to add that it gives out a message only when conveyed properly. we are the wearers so we do our work properly so that these small gems don't get criticized.

For that let's look into some of the important Jewelry Rule You Must Know.

1. Less is always More

It is a common saying and we must follow that in case of Jewelry too. If we wear all great pieces together then It will just confuse your look. There can be only one moon in the sky just like that there should be only one hero jewelry in your outfit to create an elegant look.

2. Always watch your hands

When we accessorize our hands with jewelry it is to make them look attractive and nice, so you must take care of your hands first to make jewelry look good too. Always keep them moisturized, groom your nails and keep them clean.


Make sure to not wear any bold rings or jewelry in your hands while having colorful manicures, nail arts or sparkle nail paints.

The more big rings create more of an impact. Just keep in mind only one star at a time.

3. Diamonds are not For daytime.

No doubt Diamonds are elegant and can make you sparkle every time but that doesn't mean you should sparkle all the time. Diamonds do not look good on a bright sunny day. Unless you are super rich and you have more diamonds are your daily thing. Then you can flash as much as you can.

4. Bangles shouldn't make chaos

Bracelets and bangles are like rings for our arms they make them look long and beautiful. But that doesn't mean both of your arms need them you should stack bangles only on one hand at a time. Same applies to bracelets and cuffs too. You should always take care of creating only one focal point to avoid misconception.

5. There is "No thing" like funeral jewelry

It is not a rule it is etiquette everyone must follow. Deaths and uncertainties are to respect at that time you shouldn't focus on flaunting anything.

6. Statements are meant to be unique

Always follow trends. Statement jewelry is meant to create a showstopper look. Always play with your jewelry make sure to make them a part of your outfit.

Pearls make formals more appealing.

Diamonds make Gowns to stand out.

Multi-coloured jewelry with whites is a statement itself.

Experiment with your jewelry with outfits creates as many looks as you can.

Fashion is not what already exists which you follow, fashion is what you create on your own.

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