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How to master the art of styling Layered Necklaces

How to master the art of styling Layered Necklaces

Some skills of styling are hard to master. The ways to style Layered Necklace is still one of them. Which seems like inspired from a forever trend called layered bracelets. We must adore all the ladies who master this art of necklace layering like a pro always. But those who love this trend but aren’t aware of the numerous ways to flaunt their collection. Here comes the guide to layer necklaces like a fashionista.

1. A body chain with a simple short pendant.
Body chains are one of most hot summer jewelry which has been around for a while now, they usually lack crystal or extra focus element because of their delicateness. You can pair them up with a colored pendant with a drop to let them do the job of slaying perfectly. Body chains make your neck look longer and the pendant will attract the focus to your face.

girl with a body chain with a simple short pendant

2. A choker with a necklace with a drop.
A minimalist look is what modern crowd live for. A delicate design with a slightly less dainty necklaces gives chic and balanced bling vibes. You can find a simple string layered choker necklace in your wardrobe and pair it up with another metallic slightly longer strand of a necklace. There is no hidden lie in the quote “ beauty in simplicity”.

girl with a choker with a necklace with a drop
Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

3. 3 necklaces of different length and shapes.
Just like bracelets, you can combine different types of elements together to create something original. But when it comes to necklaces you just couldn’t put a chunk of necklaces as much as you wish, here 3 will do enough for you. Take any 3 different sized neckpieces you own for example long layered necklaces and short drop based, for a rhythm.

As the motto is to make them look one instead of three. A quite artistic right?

3 necklaces of different length and shapes

4. Add antique with elegant
When you combine old fashion with new it really adds the value to your effort. It can create a modern vintage effect in your outfit. Take any new crystal jewelry you purchased recently and combine it with any vintage initial necklace you own with a unique design. It’s such a good way to wear something different every day.

Add antique with elegant
Photo by Brad Lloyd on Unsplash

5. Use any one necklace which is already in the layered design
The power of fashion is so strong that it made jewelry brands to come up with layered necklace designs on their own where one piece of necklace come up with layered attached to each other on their own. An affordable and easy to use the method. A layering jewelry lover must have at least one of that. It reduces the hassle too.

Fizzy Astonishing Mutilayered Crystal Necklace


If you want to prevent all the hassle to go through all these methods you can simply try this Fizzy Astonishing Multi-layered Crystal Necklace of ours. They are basically a bold necklace consist of chains attached to crystal drops.

I hope you will take away few tips away with you from here. As it is always great to create, style and inspire just by combining your favorite neckpieces. It will surely give you immense pleasure once you will get compliments for your own added touch. If you want to add some more in your collection to start this trend journey then you can visit for our latest jewelry collection.

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