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5 Cool Pendants to Add in Your Jewelry Box This Summer

Must have Crystal Pendant Necklace for Summers

Nothing highlights our collarbones and neck better than a perfect Crystal Pendant Necklace.

Summers are that amazing time of the year to wear low necks, off shoulders and all the cool things to kick off some heat with a hint of fashion.

If you already got some tan because of the grace of almighty sun then a small sterling silver string on your neck will surely embrace your skin like a pro and a pendant hanging on that with a pop of color is the next best thing to include in your summer wardrobe.

So to help you out to elevate your jewelry box here are the 5 best crystal pendants you must own this summer…

1. Fizzy Astonishing Multi layered Crystal Necklace
Layered necklaces are like those players who can rock the plain t-shirt within a second. Fortunately, they are on trend too. This is a double strand attached necklace with small crystals as hangings. They are neutral in color which makes them appropriate with almost any outfit possible.

2. Flower Crystal Necklace Made with Austrian Crystals
Since florals and summers have been around together for a while now. Which made everyone including me obsessed by them. It’s really hard to exclude florals from our #ootd, so this is my solution for Y'all. If you want to wear basics and somehow want to include flowers flower necklace can be your option. It's a tiny adorable piece which can even give a bold leather jacket look insanely cute.

3. Ocean Blue Crystal Necklace, Shades of Blue and Beachy
It's like a tradition to go to a beach in your summer vacations. This necklace right down below is inspired from those beach feels only. Even if some of the busy folks are not able to greet the sea, they can still have a beach vibe around with this blue necklace laying around your neck and chest.

Ocean Blue Crystal Necklace, Shades of Blue and BeachyOcean Blue Crystal Necklace, Shades of Blue and Beachy

4 Ocean of Love Crystal Necklace
Just like its name, it is indeed a small version of the ocean in form of the crystal. This green crystal necklace with a pattern and a small crystal setting in shape flower really shine like the way sunshine looks in a clear ocean.  For people with different taste and style, this can a good alternative for them.

5. Seablue Gold Fish Pendant Crystal Necklace
Are you aware that people are going crazy over animal-themed jewelry? Well, fact that this is a gold-fish pendant makes it relevant to my beloved summer season. This a unique design which can be an icebreaker at any summer party. I love it's wiggling tail which makes it more attractive and perfect way to draw attention to your face.

This is it, but you know what? these are only 5 and I got many crystal jewelry under my list. You can check more out here. Also if you don’t know all of these are under $40. Stunned right?  Well this is not it, there is Free Shipping too. Don’t wait up more as summer won’t last long hurry!

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