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Basic Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

Just like every other thing jewelry also have some basics to start with. If you like to wear jewelry on the everyday basis then you would find this article to be useful for sure.

In fashion coming up with something new is really a big task to carry on.

Even if you are not into fashion you can't deny the fact that jewelry foundations can make you look polished for sure.

With jewelry, it's not easy at all as one couldn't have tons of jewelry pieces for every cloth.

For that, you must have some basic jewelry items which can go with your daily routines and outfit.

Basic Stud Earrings

This can be the most versatile item you'll own. Crystals complement almost anything you pair it with, and the simplicity of studs help us to not create a mess with necklaces.

Now it also depends on how many piercings you have. If you have more than one then you can try to experiment with different material, metal, and color etc.

Basic single bracelets

If you love grooming your hands and nails then you must love to accessorize them too. what can be a better thing than a bracelet for that?

The best thing about them is the group of simple delicate single bracelets can create a funky stack of accessory together.

You can mix and match them according to your mood. So never get afraid of having too many of them.

You can go with simple single lines for formals, charm bracelets with drops are good for casuals. You can also add a cuff bracelet to have that edgy look out of it. Just play according to your mood.

Pendant and necklaces

Who doesn't own pendants also who can say they don't think that pendants can really lit up the look.

Be it a business suit or all denim you can match up with them with anything possible. They do have a huge variety so why not you should own few from each one.

To go classic you can have Heart pendants, photo lockets, etc.

For casuals like t-shirts or jackets, I prefer layered crystal pendants.

Remaining like special events, cocktail parties basically something to go with gowns and party wears, you should own necklaces with a drop, with matching earrings.

In conclusion, I would like you to start thinking about what you actually need, what type of events are part of your life and find your kind of basics.

Believe it or not, jewelry does create a huge difference even though if you are not able to afford many, you can try to have some basic pieces to fill up the bling gap.

I hope you liked this blog. Do not hesitate to comment below if you got any feedback regarding jewelry.

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