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What Jewelry to Wear as Per Occasions

Every day we dress up according to our mood and do efforts to look our best. In this social world, we want to shine wherever we go.In our day today life we attend so many events. it is a real-life struggle to choose an appropriate outfit for an event. From matching our bags with our shoes to selecting a hairstyle to suit our dress, we look up to all as a whole. We know jewelry works as a statement and best item to make an impact. As I said it is indeed a struggle to choose the right jewelry.

We do attend different occasions like it can be an official meeting, a concert, a date or meeting your in-laws it can be anything contrasting situations. But don't worry we got covered it all. Let's looks up to what kind of jewelry goes with everyday events like

1. An Official meeting

There is a category exist called office jewelry. according to me a office jewelry shouldn't be distracting but should make you look confident and professional.

1. Simple small studs, Monocolored Earring, Classic hoops

2. Pearl necklaces, layered beaded necklaces, crystal pendant.

3.Simple cuffed bracelets, one crystal stud thin bangle, a watch.

2. Date or Party

A party or date where you would be interacting with people and want them to find you interesting and fun. A jewelry for this kind of events should be bold yet chic to look appealing and engaging.

1. Long crystal earrings, long hoops

2. Statement crystal necklace, crystal pendants

3. Colored bracelets, Crystal bracelets

3. Everyday single day

We go out every day to pick our children from school, meet our old friend, to grab a coffee or anything. For that, we need a casual jewelry to match our daily style and should be comfortable to wear too.

1. Small crystal earrings

2. Colored stone pendants, layered crystal necklace

3. Cute Crystal bracelets, charm bracelets.

4. Or anything you love

This is it from our side you may now got the idea of what type of jewelry you should prefer to wear to each type of events. Don’t over accessorize yourself yes a Jewelry shouldn’t outshine your personality. It should make you shine more with being as you are.

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