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Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

A day of love is on it’s way. You must be having a girlfriend which you want to surprise. You may not have one yet but planning to propose her this Valentines. Of Course you got to gift them something to make them feel loved and special. You may be single but that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of it you should exchange gifts with your another single friend so that you both won’t feel left out on the lovely day. But planning a surprise is ok but it should include something which can remain forever as a memory of that sweet experience. That is why gifts are must. I would like to suggest some jewelry items which can go perfectly with this Valentine’s day.

It is based on the preference of your lady:

1. Cute and Simple

Some girls don’t like to wear heavy jewelry and like to keep it simple. If you know her taste than it would be simple. As “it is about what she would like not what you would like on her”. Something like a simple small heart pendant, monogram lockets etc.

2. Modern and elegant

Not every girl is a fan of very simple or very lavish. Some comes in middle where they want to wear an noticeable piece but don’t want to look too loud. For them you would be confused about what to choose then. Well you can try something like Layered colored stone jewelry, a metallic ring, a geometrical design pendant or something contemporary. Choose something with neutral colors but fresh designs.

3. Personalized and unique

If your girl is passionate about something or have some particular color she just loves then it’s perfect to buy something relate to that. If she loves pets than you can gift her related locket. So she can relate to the jewelry and also that you kept her in your mind. Or maybe something completely out of the box.

4. Lavish and big stones

A girl who is jewelry lover and yes glitter stones are her best friend then you just have to give her that. She would definitely like it if you go over the top with design and color. You can give her something with red color in it or heart shaped pendant. It must look dazzling.

I guess we have covered all types of girls. If you know her or i should say love her you must be knowing her tasted and likes. You don’t have to worry about if you can afford crystal jewelry as Oflara serves affordable jewelry so that everyone can celebrate this season of love.

For that because of that instead of saying love you we will say “We Discount You”.

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