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How to Style a Pendant Necklace

Jewelry is like a cake, you always crave for it. The most common item in your jewelry box must be a pendant necklace after earrings.

They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, to left us confused about how to actually wear it in the best way possible.

So for that, you must know how to do it in a proper way.

It depends on how you dress up basically what type of clothes do you have in your wardrobe.

Turtle Necks

Long necklaces look really good with Turtlenecks, During winters it is a great option for jewelry lovers.

Avoid bright patterns and necklaces together.

Match it up with cold colors to have a vibrant feel...

But if you are short then consider wearing a short necklace with your sweaters.


Pendants have an interesting shape, they make an inverted triangle around our neck so if you'll wear it with V-necks then it will really create a nice edge to the whole look.

Also will compliment the neckline and collarbones too.

It also helps to make you look taller a bit by giving an illusion of longer neck.

You can follow this tip with Collared shirts too as they have v-necks also they come in the office wears.

T-shirts and casuals

Necklaces contain a shine and bling element about them, whereas casual wears like normal graffiti tees, tank tops are usually simple and calm. So to create a dynamic look you can combine them both.

Bling will add an extra element to the look.

Also, keep in mind to not ignore the necklines as every casual can have a different one.

Don't wear pendants with patterns and prints, but if you do try to match them elegantly to not create a messy look.

This was the basic ways to let you know more about jewelry with different kind of clothing categories. I chose the basic ones which you all may have...

Hope you'll this info if you wanna know more than comment below I'll surely give you more jewelry insight.

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