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Nice one! I loved her loving it.

I gifted this to my girlfriend on valentine and even after a whole month she still not over it, I love to see her happy and thank you for this amazing design. Worth buying for sure.

Balanced beauty

This bracelet got so many elements, geometrical chain, flower shapes, blue crystal, and what not. So much with nothing too much. I love how balances it is and every single element complements the other one. This is really a beautiful bracelet as a whole.


This is my favorite jewelry item I bought from oflara... The use of blue and the embroidery of Austrian diamonds just accentuate it to be more luxuries and elegant. I feel amazing having it.

Quirky and Eye catching

Love this bottle design. Such a perfect use of blue color. One of the most artistic pieces I have seen, I love oceans and it reminds me of them. There is not a single person who hasn't noticed me wearing it. Loving the compliments. Going to buy some more to keep my collection up.

Classy and brilliant gift

I got it as a gift from my boyfriend yesterday and I asked him about the shop, I got amazed that he actually got it online. I asked him to tell me the name so that I can thank them. I couldn't be resisted leaving a review here. I am so glad to receive this as a gift it's worth his money. Love it.

Highly Recommended Jewelry

I got recommended by my friends who have already purchased few items from oflara. I am glad taking them seriously and checking this site out. You guys do a great job in providing every service possible... I got a good amount of discount even on this exquisite item. Oflara took my heart by providing free shipping. Will buy more for sure.

Both of them loved it.

I ordered two pieces as a Christmas gift for my sister and one for my coworker's farewell. Both gave same reactions. Both were thrilled and it looks beautiful on both of them. I love to see them so happy.

They are enough to make me feel dressed up

They are so beautiful and sparkly that even if I don't do many efforts on styling still they make my whole look put together just by the presence.


I bought this necklace set with one another "Pear Pendant Crystal Necklace
" with a purpose to gift it to my beloved.

I was quite amazed to the see the jewelry in real because they look wonderful and even better than what we see in the picture. The size of crystal is big as compare to the items comes in the same price range. And the shine is quite eye catcher. Beautiful pieces I must say

I have not gifted it yet to my beloved. I will share her words once she gives her voice on it.

Thanks Oflara for delivering it before the estimated time. Hope to stick around with you for future orders. Keep it up!

A much appreciated gift

I got this as a gift from my boyfriend, I like it so much in person that I said thanks to him for three days straight. It was the very first gift he got for me and he did a great job.

I am a satisfied customer

The price is reasonable, free shipping and fast delivery is just so great. The quality and design is so nice too. I am really more than satisfied with my purchase.

Excellent delivery

I love the pair, quality is good but I liked the delivery service the most, It is free, fast and packing is good too. Just excellent.

Yes you will definitely love this

If you are in doubt just trust me when I say it really stands out much more than it does in the pic. The green color is deep enough to make it special. Perfect amount of gold color is used to give the design a depth. Loved the delivery service too. Free shipping is just some another level of good service.

Shipped Quickly

Yes, I loved the product from the moment I received it, but I actually expected to be stunned. What really amazed me more was Shipping speed, despite the fact that it free shipped, you guys actually did a great job with speedy delivery.

Colorful And Fabulous!

Got this as a gift from my mom on my birthday and I can't stop admiring it. Goes well with any almost any type of dress because of the shades of different colors these beautiful earrings reflect. You can wear it day in day out since it's very lightweight and comfortable. A must-have in your jewelry collection.

Well made bracelet

This bracelet has solved one major issue of size, I and my daughter share this as it got an adjustable lock.. very smart and well-made design. Gorgeous piece.

Looks expensive

Apart from the fact that I got them on sale, Their usual price is also not that "pricey" and they do look more expensive than they actually are. So I wear it occasionally instead of daily. Like the color and quality too.

My new favorites!!

I am not a fan of clear jewelry still I bought them because they are so pretty yet simple. I love this design it looks like a carved snowball. Looking forward to buying more for sure.

Delivered exact on time

I forgot to buy a gift for my little one on her 12th birthday, I ordered this bracelet a day before her day and it reached on time. Saved me. She loved it.


It's been a while since I started shopping on Oflara. I have been very satisfied with the design, quality, and durability of the product. A happy customer indeed.