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To all the Jewelry trends you should love this fall season

To all the Jewelry trends you should love this fall season.

Fall has finally knocked on your door. Like always new season has brought new fashion trends and style as usual. Besides clothes, it also threw some heart throbbing fall jewelry trends at us.

Here is a guide for you to know which ones are worth a grab.

1. Nature inspired jewelry/ Super Natural

Well, fall is known for the month when trees start to sleep and turn from green to a dark side of colors. So to embrace that this season it seems to have much more interested in incorporating nature into jewelry designs. You will see much flowers, butterflies, leaves around in form of jewelry.

I love the flower shaped necklace, animal oriented designs which pops out in the neck when worn.

Crystal Butterfly Earrings ($9.99) SHOP NOW Buny Crystal Necklace and Crystal Earrings Set ($29.00) SHOP NOW

2.Translucent Jewelry

Replacing popular sheer trend, transparency has leveled up its game by having transparent bags to shoes and even clothes. Every successful Fashion week of jewelry trends 2018 has contributed to their well-known popularity. Somehow it slipped in jewelry too. It is perfect to make someone awestruck once they will notice them. They are slaying as earrings, bracelets, necklace and even rings too. This is that top entry in this list which surely will go further fall.

Tear Drop Crystal Necklace and Crystal Earrings Set ($22.00) SHOP NOW


3.Flower earrings/jewelry

Even though flowers are part of nature inspired jewelry, they do deserve a special mention based on their fame. Flower jewelry is no more limited to a pale colors. They are more than that, they are now big, artistic, comes in gold to vibrant hues. We must quote that ‘ This fall is full of flowery bloom”.

Plochrome Crystal Flower Necklace ($19.99) SHOP NOW

Image Source: Getty / Melodie Jeng

Pearl Flower Drop Crystal Jewelry Set ($17.99) SHOP NOW

4.Sea jewelry

Ocean jewelry somehow always make their way into the style portion of the fashion. You must have seen celebs flaunting their crab earrings recently. This is an indication of how this winter the popping sea colors and creature will glow alone among gray sweaters this winter. Colors like turquoise jewelry, metals, long chains with warm colors mingle up with the cold greys like some other half.

Seablue Gold Fish Pendant Crystal Necklace ($11.99) SHOP NOW Ocean Blue Crystal Necklace, Shades of Blue and Beachy ($19.99) SHOP NOW

5. Heavy looking metal jewelry

With the wave of feminism, it did influence jewelry designers to reflect that feminine strength into the jewelry. The new chains look heavy but surely are comfortable enough due to the wise use of materials, inspired by duty heavy chain look... I should rephrase that they are quite bold like a strong woman’s opinions. When mixed with other materials they can surely diversify in different styles.

Square Crystal Flower Adjustable Silver Bracelet ($13.99) SHOP NOW

6. Wise women charm bracelet.

The charm bracelet for fall is not a term only for cute little leaves hanging from a chain, they are now curated with artistic designs, stones mixed matched elements and somehow look stylish and elegant. Fall is above playing with colors and making dull cold winter look vibrant through your style. You can spread your creative wings while experimenting with your bracelets.

Round Blue Crystal Bracelet ($34.99) SHOP NOW

7. Dangly crystal colorful earrings

Regarding colors crystal earrings for autumn are perfect. Crystal is that flexible item which can always be a sidekick and hero at the same time. The dangly drop-dead gorgeous dangle crystal earrings are back with vintage vibes. You can have lots of them and still won’t get out of ways to match them with your outfit.

Purple Tear Drop Crystal Jewelry Set ($23.99) SHOP NOW Stone Drop Crystal Earrings ($12.50) SHOP NOW Crystal Peacock Earrings ($39.99) SHOP NOW

ISo here I rest my case with this guide, I hope you will like it and share it and follow if you want. But the main purpose of this blog post was to inspire you to “Look Fly in this Fall”. Hope to see you soon as a customer.

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